KMP - Fire Hydrant Drop-Off Pack
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The Hydrant Drop-off Pack is designed with a 36" pull strap that can aide in pulling the hose from the rig and quickly placed over a hydrant. The Hydrant Drop-off Pack easily attaches to 5", 4", 3", & 2½" supply line hose. The pack can stay attached in its initial position while the hose is being charged. A hydrant wrench can be carried and can be retained in place with a Velcro webbing strap. The pack also includes a tapered pouch for Storz or regular spanners. The Hydrant Drop-off Pack fastens hose in three places for added stability. This pack is best utilized with the Z-fold. Insert top strap through bite (hose fold) and around the coupling end, the other two straps should go around the Z-folded hose. This configuration allows the Hydrant Drop-off Pack's loop to be placed over the fire hydrant. The hose is held securely to the fire hydrant until the hose lay is complete. 

  • Item #: DO525
  • Manufacturer: KMP FIRE PRODUCTS
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: DO525

KMP - Fire Hydrant Drop-Off Pack

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